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Our Artists:

Albert Ernest
Anzabi, Aziz
Begay Wilford
Belleuse, Albert Carrierr
Bonheur, Rosa
Bonnard, Pierre
Burr, George E
Chagall, Marc
Chiparus, Demetre
Cosgrove, Stanley
Daumier, Honore
Davidson, Allen, Pinx
Dodge, Frances Farrand
Dubois, Paul
Eaton, John
Ekman, Harry
Favreau, Marcel
Feininger, Lyonel
Fiore, Peter
Fortin, Marc-Aurele
Foster, Arthur
Fratin, Christopher
Gagnon, Clarence
Gaucherel, Leon
Gaugengigl, Ignaz Marce
Gelena, Giovanni
Gilbert, Allen
Giles, Jeramie
Giskegaard, Margareth
Giunta, Joseph
Good, J. W.
Gransow, Helmut
Gromme, Owen
Guillermo Lorente Perez
Handy, Theresa
Hannaford, Charles E
Hardy, Thomas Bush
Fredrick Hart
He, An
Incised, Acoma
Johnson, Catherine
Jones, Albertus
Kamihira, Ben
Kirkby, Ken
Labelle, Fernand
Lautrec, Henri Toulouse
Lindahl, Joseph
Lucioni, Luigi
MacLauchlan, Donald Shaw
Matisse, Henri
Max, Peter
Mene, Jules
Miro, Joan
Moreau, Auguste
Muneret, Patrick
Nutting, Wallace
Palmero, Alfredo
Picasso, Pablo
Poirier, Marcel
Poor, Henry Vernum
Pope, Perpetua
Renoir, Pierre Auguste
Rollins, Jo
Russel, C M Charles
Aly El Sohby
Spalding, Elizabeth
Ta-Coumba, Aiken
Lidya Aaghia Tchakerian
Tewa, Faron
Thompson, Elizabeth
Tobiasse, Theo
Trifiro, Cristina
Vezina, Regis
Weber, Christian
Ward, William Jr.
Windisch, Etienne J






























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Over 80 artists to choose from

Click on images to enlarge! Images are copyright of their respective owners, assignees or others


Zaidan Gallery consists of my personal art collection!

"Collecting Art" has always been very gratifying for me. From searching for specific artists, or works, to buying the art; and specially enjoying the art itself. Unfortunately, over the years the challenge has changed from acquiring art to finding a place to exhibit all that I have accumulated! My collection is not focused on any particular period, type, or medium. This collection is about the artists I like; some great, and some not so great!


For each artist I have made a master page with his/her works, biography, sales price, and comparable market prices available for similar works.


On these pages you will find listed the artwork in my collection. Many of the items are for sale with their prices listed; should any interest you, please email, or call me at (514) 944_7027.


Our Privacy Policy is simple and takes your right to privacy very seriously.

We never sell, give, lend, show, or otherwise share information about our clients or visitors to our website.
We do not gather any kind of information from you as you use our site.

We only use information given us freely by our customers, such as their email address if they request information by email, and ordering information when a purchase is made from our site. We also use that information to deliver our products to customers.


We do not share information about individual customers with any third party. We never share mailing lists with any other parties.

If you wish us to remove your personal information from our database, simply email us at

Acceptable payment is through Pay Pal, major credit cards, Money order, Cashier check, Personal check or Wire Transfer. We also have a very simple return policy. Most of our orders are shipped within 24-48 hours.

We are responsible for our art, declaration of condition, and asking prices. Art purchased from us is covered by a full refund of the purchase price if the art is proven not to be authentic by a noted authority, estate, or foundation of said artist, for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery. Frames are not included in our price.

Collectors Guides - For sale by Joanna Booth
This information has been compiled through the generous help of CINOA's trade associations. The text has been slightly modified to make it less country specific.
Although some of the topics have been classified in either the Art Collectors' Guide or the Antique Collectors' Guide, please do not hesitate to read both guides carefully because much of the information can be applied to either trading in Antiques or Art. This sometimes artificial division is based on the fact that the information has been provided by a trade association that either caters to the Art Market or the Antiques Market.
For specifc details regarding the information in these guides, please contact a trade association in the country in which you require more information. Please click here for CINOA's member dealer association contact details

For your convenience, we now accept Pay Pal and most credit cards.



1. Determine the identity of your seller, and try to contact others who have purchased art work from them.
2. View the "feedback" page, if it exists, and read the comments of others who have bought art from the same seller.
3. Ask the seller questions you may have about the art work. Be wary of evasive responses.
4. Make inquiries into a work's history of ownership. If in doubt, contact the work's previous owners to evaluate its authenticity.
5. Obtain a computer image of the artist's signature on the art work and compare that signature to the artist's.
6. Obtain from the art merchant computer images of the back of the canvas; they can be used to reveal indications of fakery.
7. Be wary of paintings that are sold at prices far below what the artist's work normally would command.
8. If you have any concerns about authenticity, seek an expert opinion quickly after purchasing the art.


Gallery by Appointment

Zaidan Gallery, 7881 Decarie Blvd. Suite 405, Montreal, Quebec, H4P2H2 Canada

Phone: 1(514)944-7027, email:

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Payment Details: Pay Pal and most major Credit Cards, Money order/Cashier checks Personal check Wire Transfer

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Zaidan Gallery is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.


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